Six Hour Power Shot Will Get You a BJ From Your Sexy Secretary* Individual Results May Vary

The beverage market has been bombarded with energy drinks/shots for the past couple of years. There's an energy drink that claims to give you wings, one that's for those who practice Kabbalah (I'm waiting for a Scientology energy drink) and a beverage for those who like to get Crunk. Not to mention everything in between (which is currently thousands). All of these drinks/shots (I'm waiting for the IV and energy enema) have one thing in common- they're supposed to give you more energy than a kid with ADHD whose parents don't believe in medication hopped up on FunDip.
Since this is such a niche market, companies need to separate themselves from the rest of the herd, and Stacker 2's 6 Hour Energy Shot is doing just that. I saw a spot for this a few nights ago on Comedy Central at around 2:30 am and I could not believe what I saw.
This commercial masterpiece starts off with a penthouse looking secretary being called by her boss because she is "needed" in his office. The desk begins to move and shake, a picture of a woman falls down and cracks, and moans of "yes yes yes" can be heard. After the "job" is done, the boss stands up, puts the 6 Hour Energy Shot on the table and says, "Now I'm ready!" Is it just me, or was this a total creative cop out on the ad firm's part? It's one thing to raise eyebrows with content that's tongue in cheek (no pun intended), but put some creativity behind it dammit!

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