Not Only Is The Weather Better in CA, but apparently so are the cows.

Apparently, if you're getting your dairy goodness from the great state that brought you the Packers and The Beast, you're not getting your calcium rich foodstuffs from cows that are allegedly happy. Since 2002, there has been a campaign from Real California Cheese with talking cows discussing how it's better to be a cow in California than one in Wisconsin and that they're sooooo happy. I don't know if it's just me, but I think the reason why they're sooooo happy is because they're hopped up on Prozac (Hmm I guess that's why my cheese on my hamburger the other day tasted strange).
I'm actually digging the new spots that show cows from different parts of the world sending in audition tapes to go to the Golden State to spend their days as a happy bovine. According to the commercial you can actually vote for what cow should be sent to CA. My favorite of these has to be the cow from Korea (I'm guessing South Korea, because I didn't see any propaganda with Kim Jong-Il in the background) who sings a song about California in a very thick stereotypical Asian accent. Music, stereotypes and talking animals; the perfect recipe for a commercial.

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