Hang In There Jack

Sorry I haven’t updated you guys. With school and spring break, I’ve been super busy. If you were wondering, I did not go to Mexico or another stereotypical hot spot, but you might see me on a Girls Gone Wild commercial late one night.

During the Super Bowl (wow it was 6 weeks ago?!) Jack In The Box launched television spots that show their beloved mascot/owner, Jack being hit by a bus and soon after being rushed to the hospital. Hangintherejackcom is seen at the end of the commercial. What a genius advertising campaign. Before Jack got well (The latest commercial when he instantly gets up from his coma after he hears the name is going to be changed to Phil In The Box) the website was mostly user generated. You could personally send a video message of your thoughts and prayers to Jack, or even write a simple note. Interviews with Jack’s doctors can be viewed as well as the videos and notes from fellow Jack supporters. Even Jack's MRIs are on the site (you can't make this up!). What’s the point you ask? One word. Buzz. This campaign created tons of buzz, all to launch a new Jack In The Box website and rumors of a new logo have surfaced. The spots were aired across the country, covering states that are hundreds of miles from a JITB (Like the Northeast), but the spots don’t do the campaign justice. JITB is catching on to the new way to advertise- creating a blown up story to sell burgers.

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