Advertising Trend: Googly Eyes

Back in December, Geico launched a new ad campaign with a brand new mascot- a stack of Lincolns with big googly eyes that pops up at random. The silent yet creepy character known as Kash was created by The Martin Agency. The spots have generated mix reviews, but that's like all of Geico's spots. Personally, I love the ads. My favorite is the restaurant spot when the asian waiter randomly shouts "GEICO!" in a thick accent at the end. Everyone loves stereotypes.

A few days before the Super Bowl one of my good friends and I were having a discussion about the Kash ads and how simplicity is sometimes the most effective. My friend, who isn't in advertising or communications, had an idea for Chiquita bananas. The spot would simply be a banana with googly eyes chilling out on a table. No audio; just a bright yellow, wholesome banana gazing at the consumer. Super Bowl Sunday rolls around, and we see an ad that has a banana named Nannerpuss with googly eyes on top of a stack of delicious pancakes. After the "What the Hell!?" moment, I had to watch the ad again and again. Sites have been popping up everywhere devoted to this weird banana creature. It even has a Twitter Page. The song "You Can Call Me Nannerpuss" is already available as a ringtone. Let me be the first to say that Nannerpuss is 2009's Spaghetti Cat.

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