Warning: Taco Bell May Get You Knocked Up

Taco Bell has launched two ads (so far) promoting their value priced nachos. They feature young men who appear pregnant because they either have a dome of nachos hidden under their shirt or they've had so much to eat that they feel like they're expecting. I've been reading blogs that totally bash these ads, saying that they're sexist, disgusting and even going as far as stating they're transgendered-phobic because in one ad the man dresses up in drag to appear like a pregnant woman. Ok...give me a fucking break. I know I'm not usually political on this site, but come on! It's a 30 second television spot! One blogger said that to compare eating too much food to being pregnant is outrageous...it's comedy people, lighten up. Taco Bell is simply targeting their key demographic: young male stoners.

Ok...I'm done ranting. *exhales* I think these ads are funny, plain and simple. And yes, I am a woman. They're not trying to be sexist, trans-phobic or mock pregnancy. I bet whoever is making these claims of Taco Bell being anti-women has never had food from Taco Bell. I haven't had food from 'The Bell' in ages, but I certainly remember that you do feel bloated after, and then you have to take a major deuce that would even make the Octomom cringe.


  1. I find them funny as well! I mean whenever Kat and I eat too much food, we say we are having a food baby. So I actually find it hilarious that they're doing this.

  2. I found your blog through The Impulsive Buy (your posts are very funny there, as well). I was going to comment about this to say that my boyfriend and I always joke about having a "food baby" when we overeat, but the other poster beat me to it! Honestly, I thought Taco Bell was purposely showing "pregnant" men to capitalize on that phrase, but I guess they don't get out much?