The Hot New Mobile Device Isn't By LG It's...Nissan?!

Nissan has recently rolled out the Cube, a square-shaped economy vehicle to the US market. To catch on to the technology savvy Generation Y demographic, the advertising team behind the Cube is not focusing on the horsepower (or lack there of) or even how good it is for the environment (Being Green is still trendy, correct?). Instead, Nissan is calling the Cube not even a car at all. It is a "Mobile Device". I bet Scion is kicking themselves right now for not developing that catch phrase when they launched their brand in 2002 (Wait. Did people even text in 2002?).

Besides being an ugly car, you're able to customize it with several features, from a standard Ipod hookup to the bizarre mini shag carpet you can put on the dashboard. Hmm...I think another auto manufacturer that has a toaster-shaped vehicle in its lineup has been doing the same thing.

With an MSRP in the $13,500 range, Nissan is trying attract first time buyers in the 18 to 25 range. Maybe if the economy picks up they'll see some sales, if not this "Mobile Device" is going to be driven by the same folks who drive Scion xBs- the 55 to 65 demographic.

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