Keystone Light Advertises?!

Sorry I haven't updated this blog in...oh about a month. I have been busy, but in accordance to laws in the state of Utah I am not able to say what has been going on. Ok, I will. I'm in NH for a few weeks with the parental unit. Now that I've established that...

As I stated in a previous entry, I'm very nocturnal; it's not out of the ordinary for me to stay up past 3:30 or 4 A.M. This is a blessing and a curse. It's a curse for Ambien, because I refuse to take their drug that makes you eat sticks of butter at night, or in my mother's experience,cold meatloaf with your hands. It is a blessing, because I am able to watch commercials that don't usually pop on the boob tube until the wee hours, because of either suggested content or they can't afford a spot in prime time. For the past month, I've seen several ads for a beer that is near and dear to every college student's heart- Keystone Light. Personally, the ads are much better than what Coors has been putting out lately ("Cold Activated Can" It's called a beer koozie and you can buy one with adorable sayings like "Zero to Horny in 2.5 Beers"). The best ad in the Keystone Light series would have to be the backyard family outing where an elderly man asks his grandson to toss him a Keystone Light. Needless to say, the old man gets knock out from the can before he even gets a drop down his gullet. Pure comedy.

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  1. ambien does that, and that's why I don't take it myself. However, I do stay up all night. Having insomnia is being "nocturnal," nowadays? Oh.