Stimulate the Economy by Stimulating Your Loins

There's a soft spot in my heart (or maybe labido)for Trojan's television commercials. Back in the late 1990's when I would watch MTV's Loveline, the classic Trojan Man spots would come on and even then as a sexually-naive pre-teen I knew they were great, especially the one in the barn. "Oh, Billy Ray you have the biggest zucchini in all of these parts!" Their last 'Evolve' campaign was brilliant, and now Trojan is banking on the trend of saying how our economy is going down the shit-hole as Borat would say. The patriotic commercial looks more like a GOP ad than an ad for rubbers. An American flag waves proudly in the background as our nation's bird appears majestically. The voice-over rings out proudly, announcing that Trojan has released their own "stimulus package" and that we need to "ride out these hard economic times." Trojan's philosophy is pretty much on point; even bad sex can cure the heartache you'll endure when you realize you won't have retirement money, or in the case of my fellow college students out there...still living with your parents until you're 30. Be American! Buy Trojan! Durex condoms are for Commies; you're not a damn Commie are you? I thought so.

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